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3D printing models for an earplug mold

The Plug

Created a novel method for the design and manufacturing of custom ear plugs and molded-ear inserts using iOS Face ID technology. By using the LiDAR sensors on Apple devices, I was able to create detailed 3D scans of my friends' ears and was able to fabricate with SLA 3D printers the required molds. Once the molds were printed, I was able to rapidly produce and improve on the scans.

A photo of two ear plugs in a palm of a hand  
A photo of two ear plug molds in a palm of a hand  
A LiDAR scan of an ear and a modelled earplug  
An uncured ear plug  
Ear plug mold shells in a resin 3D printer  
Ear plug mold shells in the palm of a hand  
Ear plug mold shells being cured  
A pressure chamber to cure ear plug epoxy  
Washing ear plug shells  
A finished ear plug in an ear