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The title card of the ski film "In Search of Birch"

In Search of Birch

This Spring, a few of us returned to the Northern tip of Norway– the Lyngen Alps. Over the course of the trip, we attempted to ski lines inaccessible to us the winter before. Here is a collection of clips from this trip.

You can read the accompanying journal and photography at
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Check out Jeff Dobronyi @ Amora Vida Guiding who first showed us around Lyngen in 2022


Cole Mogan, Hunter Bryant, Hunter Lee, Hunter Hill, Henry Hawsk, Sean Burkitt, Stosh Czarniak


When the Sea is Quiet and Calm by Henry Nozuka
The Stalker by Provoker
Over and Over by The Altons
Blow Out by Overmono
Crepuscolo sul mare by Piero Umiliani