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A photo of a man playing guitaer with the glow in the dirt logo on top

Glow in the Dirt

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I co-founded a design agency and physical studio space in Downtown Los Angeles. Together with my partner, Jacob Fishman, we consulted on creative projects focusing on concept development, physical production, and digital design. Together we secured 20 clients, helping produce events, build brands, and develop websites. Select clients include Janet Jackson, Fender Guitars, and the City of Culver City, CA. Jacob still operates the space.

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Two people inside of a white inflatable dome My partner Jacob Fishman (left) and myself (right)
A website screenshot of a landing page Our landing page
A photo of a film shoot A shoot for artist MNDR taking place in our warehouse studio
A tastefully decorated warehouse studio After renovations, we rented our space for shoots and on

For the consulting aspect of Glow in the Dirt, we focused on three areas:

Concept and Creative Development

We worked with artists and brands to develop projects that bring clarity to creative vision.

Experience and Environmental Design

Jacob's background in event and set design helped us design and fabricate new environments. This was applied to film, photography, live music, and retail installations.

Virtual and Video Production

We produced film, photo, brand, and web experiences for individual artists and organizations.

A title sequence from a music video A still from "What Day Is It?", a 15 minute live performance film we produced
A photo of a performer on a colorful stage Set design for Emmit Fenn's Far From Here Pt. II Tour
Janet Jackson in a foggy room A shot from assets created for Janet Jackson's Vegas residency

Outside of our consulting work, we ran a business renting a warehouse studio space in Downtown Los Angeles. Most of our clients came for photo and film shoots through Originally used as a studio for light & space artist Norman Zammitt, the unit’s massive murals and industrial windows make it a creative & welcoming environment.

An empty studio space with a vibrant mural  
A studio space with a vibrant mural  
An empty studio space with a vibrant mural  
A studio space with a vibrant mural  
A studio space being used for a film shoot  

We offered a 10-meter diameter 'Dome' set. This bright inflatable set provides an enclosed blank slate.

A white inflatable dome with a chair and tree inside